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  1. Abbie

    Date 20 Oct 2016
    Images from a shoot with currently unsigned but soon to be new face Abbie Garlick.October, 2016.  Model - Abbie Garlick Make up - Xime Rodriguez Styling - Kerri Ann Lushworth Hair styling - Jesus Oliver

  2. Unique

    Date 13 Oct 2016
    Every now and then you are involved in some work that you know, before you have even begun, it is going to prove to be pretty special.  When my long term collaborator, and friend, Jesus Oliver approached me with the idea behind unique, I didn’t know what to think.  For me…

  3. The start of my Slow Photography journey …

    Date 11 Feb 2016
    A couple of weeks ago I met with a small collection of Brighton photographers who, headed by the wonderful Annabelle Nicoll, had decided to create a group called Slow Photography. The premise being that we are all so engrossed with our commercial work that we can, quite easily, loose sight…

  4. The day I met Lunar.

    Date 17 Jan 2016
    Every now and then you find a subject who you truly connect with and, I am pleased to say, for me today was one of those days.   Of the course of my time with Lunar I began to develop an understanding of her, as a person, and the journey she…

  5. Capturing John.

    Date 07 Jan 2016
    I met John completely by chance.  I had a shoot coming up with a stunning black model and I already knew that I would be using bright or neon make up but I was still looking for the glue - for that extra something to help bring the direction together.  Then, as I was…

  6. New Year, New Website

    Date 06 Jan 2016
    So 2015 was a pretty turbulent year for me, both personally and professionally, the last 3 months of which have been spent getting my portfolio ready for this; the new website.  With a new website comes a new blog and I will be endeavoring to publish on here regularly over the course of…

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