Chris Bulezuik Photography
Award winning portrait, hair and beauty photographer.

Chris Bulezuik, an award winning photographer in Brighton

Chris Bulezuik is an award winning hair & beauty photography based in Brighton, East Sussex.  Visit to view his portfolio of work >


Prior to becoming a professional photographer Chris developed a successful career in the advertising and media industry, working for some of the UK's largest clients and agencies and it was here where he developed his passion for imagery.  

"I am Chris Bulezuik, a professional portrait, hair and beauty photographer based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. When people ask me what I do my response is always the same - I take photographs of people that capture them and their personalities. This is what distinguishes a portrait photographer from any other genre.  I ensure that I perfectly execute the technical element of my craft while also capturing the essence of my subjects. This is what brings a portrait to life and gives my images their narrative.  

An eye for composition and balance is something has always come incredibly naturally to me and at 17, I took my first steps into a dark room having studied Art & Design at College.  I went on to study at Central St Martins, London, as a mature student to develop my technical understanding of the craft however, it was here where I discovered my love and passion for portraiture.

Through my work, I strive to capture a subject’s essence and individuality while retaining an organic aesthetic. People are my inspiration. I start with a character or personality and then build the mood, tone and production of the final images around them.

For me, success is in the moment when everyone involved knows we have captured the images that deliver 100% of the idea and creative direction. When you know, you know.   

Outside of my commercial work, I have a continuous and evolving series of personal portraiture projects in progress.  These allow me the time to engage with a subject outside of the sometimes-rushed and confined commercial environment allowing me to experiment with new techniques and ideas." 

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